Trump, UAE Foreign Minister Laud Historic Peace Deals with Israel

Shortly before the signing of historic diplomatic deals between Israel and two Gulf Arab nations, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, President Donald Trump and the UAE’s foreign minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, spoke to reporters in the Oval Office.

“This can really lead to peace, real peace in the Middle East for the first time,” the president said.

“We’ve taken a very different path. You could say it’s a back door, but I call it a smart door,” Trump said.

In addition to the individual bilateral agreements signed by Israel, the UAE and Bahrain, all three will sign a trilateral document.

The agreements won’t end active wars but will rather formalize the normalization of the Jewish state’s already warming relations with the two countries. And, while not addressing the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they may pave the way for a broader Arab-Israeli rapprochement after decades of enmity, a pair of wars and only two previous peace deals.

“Our region has suffered far too long and we would like to say show our people and our region and the world that there is some good news from our part of the world,” said the UAE’s foreign minister.

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