Expert: Israel-UAE peace deal won’t change much in region

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Professor Vali Nasr and former European Union Parliament member Marietje Schaake discuss the impact of a new peace deal struck between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.
Israel says it will ‚Äčtemporarily “suspend‚Äč” plans to annex the West Bank, as part of a new peace deal with the UAE.
The deal was announced by US President Donald Trump, who told reporters in the Oval Office that he had a “very special call” with leaders from both countries, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, and that they had agreed to a peace agreement.
Trump also tweeted a lengthy joint statement between the US, UAE and Israel, calling the agreement to “full normalization of relations” between Israel and the UAE a “historic diplomatic breakthrough.”
The UAE and Israel plan to exchange embassies and ambassadors, according to the statement. It will be the third Arab country to open relations with Israel, after Egypt and Jordan

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